Fusilli alla crudaiola with rocket condiment, bluefin tuna and a scent of orange

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Fusilli Confezione 250gr

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Fusilli Fibrella Leonessa: gr. 250
  • boiling water: lt. 2
  • big salt: gr. 20
  • fresh bluefin tuna: gr. 75
  • orange zest: 1/4
  • fresh fennel q.s.
  • diced tomatoes: gr. 25
  • fresh rocket: gr. 75
  • till salt q.s.
  • extra virgin olive oil: gr. 8


For cooking pasta: Bring the water to boil with the salt. Drop the pasta only when the water boils a lot, stirring constantly and cook until al dente. See cooking time indicated on packaging. To garnish tuna flavored with orange: Cut the tuna into regular cubes,add them to the pasta off the heat, but when it’s still hot into a pan.Stir constantly adding a drizzle of oil,the condiment left apart, scraping of orange and fresh fennel. Garnish it adding diced tomatoes. Serve cold with a leaves of fresh rocket. For rocket condiment: Clean and wash the rocket. Blanch the rocket in boiling water for half a minute to make it less spicy. Chill the leaves in chill water and ice,whirl with an immersion minipimer,adding oil and water used for cooking. Salt to taste. Bear condiment apart.

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