Pasta with beaten anchovies from Cetara, marinated with Amalfi lemons, sea asparagus and hazelnut milk from Gioffni

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manicotti Scatola 12 cf

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 400g of Manicotti pasta Leonessa
  • 400g of anchovies
  • 400g of sea asparagus
  • 250g of ice
  • 200ml of fish broth
  • pouring anchovy to taste
  • 150g of Fresh hazelnuts
  • 150g of toasted hazelnuts
  • 100g of butter
  • 2 Lemons from Amalfi
  • wild fennel
  • salt
  • pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste.


Leave fresh hazelnuts in a pot with water for one night. The next day, with the help of a kitchen cloth, remove the skin from the hazelnuts. Blend the hazelnuts with the ice until creamy and add salt and peper to taste. Wipe off the anchovies, the cut into small pieces and season with grated lemon peel, a teaspoon of pouring anchovy, a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice. Take the most tender part of sea asparagus and parboil in plenty water for about a minute. Cook the pasta in salted water. Meanwhile, cook the butter with toasted hazelnuts and sea asparagus in a large saucepan, add half the creamy hazelnut and a couple of tablespoons of the pasta cooking water, add anchovies to taste. Drain pasta "al dente" and add to the sauce. Serve placing the pasta in the middle of the plate, garnish with a few patches of heated creamy hazelnut and on one side place the anchovies garnished with basil and fennel. Match The presence of anchovies and sea asparagus gives to the dish a distinctive flavor, slightly bitter and a good aroma for the presence of hazelnut and lemon. So, with this dish we need a white wine rich in extract with a wide range of fruity, floral and sweet spices, with slightly acid contained as a Falerno del Massico Bianco.

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